Comparison Between Wood Roof Truss Versus Mild Steel

A comparison of wood and steel roof frame is light as a building material has its advantages and disadvantages of each can be a consideration in choosing between the two to be used as a place holder roofing a house or other building. If seen from the durability then the mild steel will be more durable if it is used on buildings that are away from things that can cause damage to steel for example building near the sea will often be exposed to winds that carry causes rust on iron, so in this case it would be better if using wood as a structural framework.

In terms of price can be seen that the wood and light steel is not too much different from wood, but could be more expensive given the scarcity of wood due to the rampant felling of trees without replanting efforts are offset by amounts that were balanced between felling and planting. Lightweight steel roof frame work is calculated in units of cubic meters, so that the required data is light steel prices or the price per kg of wood per cubic meter to be able to calculate the cost of building a budget plan in particular work order roof. in the process of workmanship needed a builder who is an expert in mild steel to set it up as for the wooden roof frame can be done by a carpenter who has been an expert in the field of timber so that it can be generated by good quality job after previously considering the comparative order of wood and light steel roof.

In an effort to join participate in maintaining the sustainability of the planet Earth to keep it green then avoid to use wood as a building material is a good action, instead can use Lightweight steel roof frame so that deforestation can be reduced to prevent global warming. After you decide what kind of material which can be used followed by the calculation of the planning structure of the horses of the roof frame to determine the shape and the dimensions of materials that withstand the burden upon it however sought are as small as possible so that it can save the cost of construction of the House, please selected wood or lightweight steel roof frame.

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