Tips for Making a Cinema Room at Home

The idea of having the cinema in the house has always fascinated the most ingenious, but until a few years ago was nothing but a pure fantasy, made such by the lack of availability of the necessary pieces (often not sold to the public), and their prohibitive costs. Today the Home Theater, an Anglo-Saxon term that is precisely to indicate the art of making a room suitable for watching movies, is widespread throughout the West, and does not require very high budgets. The work itself is not difficult, however it is good to know the advice, especially if you are not experts in audio/video components, useful to create a cinema room at home.

Choose the appropriate room

Before venturing into the realization of the cinema room, it is good to choose a room of the house suitable for the purpose. In this case it is necessary to forget all the characteristics that generally make a room better than another. The home theater must in fact be installed in a dark room, therefore preferably with few or no openings, such as windows or balconies, or, if present, easily dimmable. The room must also be located in a secluded place of the house, which does not directly overlook the road, to ensure good sound insulation.

Use a few furniture

Unless you have a huge room, it is good to reduce the furnishings present to a minimum. In fact, a good vision does not depend on the proximity to the screen or with the speakers: all these elements must respect a certain order and certain distances, impossible solution to fulfill if we fill the room with various furnishings. A good composition is formed by the TV with a possible mobile, a sofa and a bookcase in which you can also play games and DVDs.

Choose the right screen

Home theater screens are divided into two large categories: television screens and projection systems. Generally in the real cinemas there are complex projection systems, which allow an optimal rendering of the image even on an extremely large support, thus allowing a good vision to a large number of people. For home Systems However, the choice almost always falls on the classic TVs, with a diagonal not less than 40 inches: they are cheap also projectors and supports, but their use implies a less practicality, because you need a certain Familiarity and dexterity.

Choose the audio system

On the market there are already ready solutions for the home theater, with a price that fluctuates between a few hundred and a few thousand euros. The components present a good sound system are: a central speaker, small and compact, to be placed in front of the spectators for the reproduction of the voices; Two side diffuses, to be placed on the sides of the screen at about one meter high; A sub-woofer, to be placed on the ground because of its size, indispensable for low frequency sounds; Rear speakers, to be positioned behind the observers, facing the image.

Expanding the system

To this basic system, you can add several components: First, a classic DVD player or Blue-ray, in order to decide what to watch. A great choice is to spend a little bit more to buy a console from gaming or a compact PC, which in addition to allowing the reproduction of all the commercial data carriers (data pens, Hard drives, memory cards, besides obviously CD and DVD), also allow you to use the Home Theater as a gaming station.