Sleep State in an Instant

I think adjustable beds are probably one of the best inventions to come out in the last 2000 years. They can go from a normal flat position to a raised position to provide the user with any level of comfort they want. I used to have a regular bed and while I could fall asleep on it, it wasn’t the most comfortable experience. As time passed, the bed became even more uncomfortable and worn to the point where it would start to sag in spots. I took this as a chance to find something that would give me a better nights sleep, and that’s when my whole world was changed.

I saw a demonstration for an adjustable bedroom and decided to give it a try for myself. I fell in love with that bed the moment I got on it. I raised the bed to a comfortable position and nearly fell asleep in the thing. Just a little bit of elevation changes how the neck and back are supported during sleep. Normally the pillow has to do all of the work of keeping the head elevated, and it doesn’t do the best job of that. Since the bed adjusts, this is made easier and the elevation is held in place for as long as the user wants.

I ordered one of the beds and had it delivered to my home. The old bed gave me years of faithful service, but I wasn’t sad to see it go, because it was being replaced by something that would do a much better job. I couldn’t wait until night time to try out the new bed, so once it was put in place, I took a nap, right in the middle of the day. I had no trouble getting to sleep as soon as I got on the bed.

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