How To Clean The Glass Window Of The House

clean glass window

Home glass window is often easily dirty. Especially if it is on the edge of the highway, of dust and fumes of motor vehicles will easily soiling of home glass window. How to clean the home glass window seem trivial but hard to do. Occasionally clean the glass window into an activity that is not trivial because it looks fun but it’s hard to eliminate in the litter. If any be eliminated easily sometimes the home window glass easily once back dirty. The frosted glass window blocking the sunlight into the house. This article presents a guide to clean the glass window is effectively and efficiently.

To clean the glass, use a special glass cleaner liquid. Use a sponge or cleaning tool glass from rubber. Clean the glass with a glass rubbing way two-way mutually perpendicular. To prevent dirt scars left on each end of the direction of polishing.

To remove thin scratches on the glass, use toothpaste. Apply toothpaste on the scratched area and scrub using a cloth or sponge. Once it was clear the entire surface of the glass. We recommend that you clean the glass at a time when light rain or when the Sun is not shining directly. If the air is too hot, it will arise the possibility occurs scrapes the remains of cleaner that instantly dries up.

Use a fluffy brush teeth to remove dust and dirt in the corners of the window. To make the window glass looks slick and shiny, rub the glass using a cotton cloth or white paper. Rub the glass until the sparkling like crystal.

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