The Roof Design Minimalist Houses

The roof is one of the most important parts of the house. Its main function is act as a protective cover from the elements, particularly from heat exposure and rain/snow. The right roof design will also add to the aesthetic appeal of a home. If you live in a tropical area, you must be prepared to face the midday sun in dry seasons. Conversely, when the rainy season comes, you must be prepared to receive high rainfall. Dallas roofing explains that if the design of your roof is not able to accommodate the harshness of the seasons, you will probably need to replace it sooner rather than later.

Weather factors should be a top priority in determining the design of the roof. Similarly, the materials are also important. Make sure that the material you choose is good for the type of climate you live in. These days, a minimalistic design seems to be the most popular. It’s simple yet functional. If you are interested in using a minimalist design, consider the following things:

First, you need to consider the shape of the roof. There are two types of roof shapes commonly used: sloping and flat. A sloping roof has a more complicated construction and uses a lot of material. One advantage of it though is being able to withstand the heat of the Sun and quickly drain off water when the rainy season arrives. In contrast, a flat roof design is much simpler and requires a lot less material. This design, however, is not good for absorbing heat or draining rainfall off of it.

Secondly, the selection of the material is paramount. For a minimalist roof, you can pretty much choose any type of tile. Metal roofing tends to be the material most people choose because it’s simple, sleek and is energy efficient. With regard to color selection, most people opt for lighter colors like white or grey. It gives the allusion of clean and crispness.

The Roof Design Tips

The design of the roof is one important thing you notice before building a house. This is because home comforts you can be influenced by the model and the choice of the type of roof you use. The selection of a less selective roof will lead to fast breaks, house roof leaking and very uncomfortable, especially if you’ve designed a home building design is quite good, with a defective design of the roof of your House, it will be interrupted one another the whole design. Then, pay attention to the design of the design of the roof is quite important before you build a house.

There are a few things to note before you set an option that will house roof design you use:

Identify the one function of the roof itself. A roof on a house serves to protect the House from sunburn, rain and so on. In addition to the above security functions, which cannot be left behind is also a function of aesthetics or beauty. In addition to the comfortable and safe, the choice of roof should also occupy the aesthetic value of a building, so it will be wonderful when people were seen across our homes.

Selection of zinc as the design of the roof is indeed advantageous economically, but for the convenience of zinc was less supportive. On rainy days, a house with a roof design using zinc will be felt more noisy, so too at the time during the day, the house with a tin roof will feel hotter.

There are several types of models, i.e. the roof of European style. To select it to our living conditions. The design of the roof with the European model and have slopes that provide good air circulation, its shape is usually acute, very suitable for hot climates such as Indonesia. While the model design of the roof with a European style usually have a relatively small tilt angle, very appropriate for the countries of Europe that climate is cold.

Choose a convenient roofing material and in accordance with the conditions of your pocket. For the durability and design the best roof should choose the quality of the roof made of rather expensive materials such as lightweight synthesis. Not your problem a little sacrifice for the design of the roof, as if too often replace the roof thus will be more troublesome.

How to Choose a Roof Model

The time of development, one of the things that may not be much noticed by people is the model of the roof will be used. Maybe most people think that all the same roof and functions the same i.e. keep and cover the top of the House. When in fact there are several kinds of model roof that has a different function. In addition the roof was the thing that can differentiate your home with your neighbor’s House. A model of the roof can also affect the cost of construction of your home. Therefore, if you are planning to build a home, then consider the roof you will use, choose which suits your needs. In this section there are some pictures of the existing house roof models and are typically used by most people.

Roof model

Among all the image model of the roof of the House you know, two of the most commonly used model is the gable roof or also known as the saddle and hip roof or shield.

When you are small, you often draw a triangle-shaped roof is long with steep angles? If you answered Yes, then the image model of the roof of the house including the gable. The roof is indeed the shape such as a triangle is long and has a pretty steep angle compared to the other roof. This function so that everything falling on the roof a good rain, leaves, litter or similar things can fall down into the side of the building.

The roof of the shield has a slightly different shape compared to the gable. With different forms, the roof was originally intended for homes that are in an environment where extreme climate or in other words the place often have wind and storm. With the shape of the roof, allowing it to withstand the wind from various sides and direction. If you notice the fine image of the model roof is wider and wider so the cost to use this type of roof is certainly more expensive.

Both models the roof above roof model is frequently used by humans for their home. But neither roof nor a shield gable is better used for the model home in the shape of oval or straight away. If you have a more elaborate shape of the building, then you can’t use one of the two models, but you can use a combination of shield and the saddle roof. For the L-shaped building, T or can use image cross-saddle roof model as an alternative.

A nice House not only has a roof design that is nice, but it is also a good material. One of the alternatives that you can use for your roof is light steel. Mild steel has a fairly cheap price and excellent quality. In addition to steel, a cheap roof material is wood. It used to be a lot of people who chose wood as a material for their roofs because the quality is pretty good. But now a lot less quality wood and easily damaged due to termites or exposed to water. The increasingly high demand against any wood finally also caused illegal logging. In the end use of the wood any time restricted. By knowing the models above, hopefully you can choose the best roof model!

Comparison Between Wood Roof Truss Versus Mild Steel

A comparison of wood and steel roof frame is light as a building material has its advantages and disadvantages of each can be a consideration in choosing between the two to be used as a place holder roofing a house or other building. If seen from the durability then the mild steel will be more durable if it is used on buildings that are away from things that can cause damage to steel for example building near the sea will often be exposed to winds that carry causes rust on iron, so in this case it would be better if using wood as a structural framework.

In terms of price can be seen that the wood and light steel is not too much different from wood, but could be more expensive given the scarcity of wood due to the rampant felling of trees without replanting efforts are offset by amounts that were balanced between felling and planting. Lightweight steel roof frame work is calculated in units of cubic meters, so that the required data is light steel prices or the price per kg of wood per cubic meter to be able to calculate the cost of building a budget plan in particular work order roof. in the process of workmanship needed a builder who is an expert in mild steel to set it up as for the wooden roof frame can be done by a carpenter who has been an expert in the field of timber so that it can be generated by good quality job after previously considering the comparative order of wood and light steel roof.

In an effort to join participate in maintaining the sustainability of the planet Earth to keep it green then avoid to use wood as a building material is a good action, instead can use Lightweight steel roof frame so that deforestation can be reduced to prevent global warming. After you decide what kind of material which can be used followed by the calculation of the planning structure of the horses of the roof frame to determine the shape and the dimensions of materials that withstand the burden upon it however sought are as small as possible so that it can save the cost of construction of the House, please selected wood or lightweight steel roof frame.