Tips for Making a Cinema Room at Home

The idea of having the cinema in the house has always fascinated the most ingenious, but until a few years ago was nothing but a pure fantasy, made such by the lack of availability of the necessary pieces (often not sold to the public), and their prohibitive costs. Today the Home Theater, an Anglo-Saxon term that is precisely to indicate the art of making a room suitable for watching movies, is widespread throughout the West, and does not require very high budgets. The work itself is not difficult, however it is good to know the advice, especially if you are not experts in audio/video components, useful to create a cinema room at home.

Choose the appropriate room

Before venturing into the realization of the cinema room, it is good to choose a room of the house suitable for the purpose. In this case it is necessary to forget all the characteristics that generally make a room better than another. The home theater must in fact be installed in a dark room, therefore preferably with few or no openings, such as windows or balconies, or, if present, easily dimmable. The room must also be located in a secluded place of the house, which does not directly overlook the road, to ensure good sound insulation.

Use a few furniture

Unless you have a huge room, it is good to reduce the furnishings present to a minimum. In fact, a good vision does not depend on the proximity to the screen or with the speakers: all these elements must respect a certain order and certain distances, impossible solution to fulfill if we fill the room with various furnishings. A good composition is formed by the TV with a possible mobile, a sofa and a bookcase in which you can also play games and DVDs.

Choose the right screen

Home theater screens are divided into two large categories: television screens and projection systems. Generally in the real cinemas there are complex projection systems, which allow an optimal rendering of the image even on an extremely large support, thus allowing a good vision to a large number of people. For home Systems However, the choice almost always falls on the classic TVs, with a diagonal not less than 40 inches: they are cheap also projectors and supports, but their use implies a less practicality, because you need a certain Familiarity and dexterity.

Choose the audio system

On the market there are already ready solutions for the home theater, with a price that fluctuates between a few hundred and a few thousand euros. The components present a good sound system are: a central speaker, small and compact, to be placed in front of the spectators for the reproduction of the voices; Two side diffuses, to be placed on the sides of the screen at about one meter high; A sub-woofer, to be placed on the ground because of its size, indispensable for low frequency sounds; Rear speakers, to be positioned behind the observers, facing the image.

Expanding the system

To this basic system, you can add several components: First, a classic DVD player or Blue-ray, in order to decide what to watch. A great choice is to spend a little bit more to buy a console from gaming or a compact PC, which in addition to allowing the reproduction of all the commercial data carriers (data pens, Hard drives, memory cards, besides obviously CD and DVD), also allow you to use the Home Theater as a gaming station.

Classical Architecture Design

Has a fairly extensive home page would be its own advantages for homeowners. The home page itself can be used as the front page of a home can be made page wide enough car or motorcycle so you do not have to park your vehicle outside the fence, and of course this will make you more calm because your vehicle will be more secure. And for those of you who have backyard fairly wide, you can use it to create a pool for the family. But, if the rear yard only be made into the family pool alone? Oh, of course not! In addition to the swimming pool, take advantage of the backyard into a garden house is a brilliant idea.


Why is that? Because first, currently quite difficult to find a city park that is clean and cool, especially if you live in a big city. Second, the existence of the garden behind the house can make the air in your home and surroundings be cool. And third, the existence of home gardens can beautify your home. You can decorate your rear garden with a variety of useful plants, or you can grow beautiful flowers of various colors so as to give the impression of a bright and cheerful home.


Then if the only interest that can enhance the look of your back garden? Hey, not just flowers that can enhance the look of your small garden. In addition to various flowers, there are many ways that you can use to make your garden look beautiful, one of them is by adding a gazebo in your garden. Gazebo is a building that normally exist in the park, and usually each side open or did not have a wall. Now the sides are open, you can sit inside and enjoy the garden views more freely unhindered cover. With the gazebo, a garden you can look more natural and more comfortable you can enjoy your beautiful garden atmosphere.

If a few years back, the gazebo is usually made of wood and thatched woven, and its design resembles a small hut. This time not only making materials gazebo made of wood but also of metal, concrete, or brick. The design is more minimalist and modern with neutral colors that are suitable for your garden.

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Bamboo House Design

Chicken coop so the premises! could it be? This is a trend that is going on. Bamboo house seeming to go with the flow of the urban society of the village to the city, the home of bamboo was once found only in the countryside has now been incarnated as a home design that is a lot of interest, so that a wide range of bamboo house design emerged in the form of various kinds of buildings such as cafes, restaurants, recreational arena etc.

Bamboo house design can indeed give the impression of natural and natural plus a sense of longing that people often find the bamboo House became their own reasons for seeking a traditional-style restaurant as an alternative to the traditional sense of fulfillment with buildings using a variety of natural building materials such as bamboo.

Various kinds of bamboo can also be an option to use customize texture bamboo favored are dark brown, green or yellow can all be chosen by selecting the type of bamboo that suits your desires.

The cost of construction of the bamboo house belongs to cheap and easy in her treatment, but need to do special efforts so that the bamboo house design to be built was later able to finish with a good quality and durable, here are some tips useful perhaps:

Bamboo house design tips

  • Before you create the design should first check the diameter of the bamboo are available, so that at the time of construction in progress did not occur when material difficulties in the search for development.
  • Bamboo will be built to do preservation efforts in advance such as soaking or by way of these chemicals that function as well as prevent bamboo preservation of animals which can damage the construction of bamboo.
  • Customize your bamboo house design with natural conditions or the surrounding environment in order for the building to be built was later able to blend with the natural surroundings so that adds to the uniqueness of its own.
  • Bamboo House can be combined with the use of a variety of natural materials such as natural stones, roof tiles, roof thatched.
  • Add the grounds surrounding the House of bamboo like fish pond combined with green trees and water that flowed so created a cozy atmosphere.
  • Use the color of the paint that does not damage the original color of the bamboo, such as paint or primed transparent so able to accentuate the original texture.
  • Treatment is usually a boring job than make but in terms of this bamboo house design should care carried out regularly within a certain period both in terms of cleanliness, damage, staining as well as prevention of animals which can damage the House of bamboo.